It’s my Catwoman costume I was assuming I’d go out and get the type of gloves Anne Hathaway is wearing, but I like the fingerless lace ones I already had. The mask, clearly, is still in progress, and my dearest Stephanie is altering the boots for me because I’m helpless with alterations like that.

Just shoot me if I ever make a face like this again for a photo. I don’t know how to photo.

and wow I just realized this makes me look like I have hips!

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Posted on Monday, 22 October
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    cannot WAIT
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    stephanie can you…can you do that???!? I was just gonna get some steampunk-like goggles from the store and put them on...
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    hfjsfdkjfks costumes get me so excited auasdfkjsdf I am so excited I am this close to screaming how’re the ears coming?...
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